hEllo auntie!

everyone's family at this local eatery

by Domain Property Agents, April 23, 2017



If you’re from Marrickville, there’s a good chance you’ve eaten at Hello Auntie. The family run restaurant has become an institution in the local area, filling lunch and dinner orders six days a week to happy locals for the last three years.

Best known for it’s modern take on traditional Vietnamese cooking, first-timers may be surprised to learn they can order classics such as the Banh Xeo ($14), which bring to mind the traditional flavours of Asian cuisine, alongside a decidedly modern Hello Uncle ($26) and hipster-esque alcoholic slushie ($14.50) all at the same time.

Surprised? Yes. Satisfied? Without a doubt. Another plus is that the menu is vegetarian and vegan-friendly - something we’ve learnt from experience comes in handy when you’re planning a group booking or ordering in with friends, just FYI.

And while we’re fans of anything that comes with a heady mix of turmeric and coconut flavours, fresh basil and Thai mint, or braised pork for the meat lovers, we need, to be honest, and say that our go-to order is almost always from the pho (pronounced fur) menu. Given that these guys have an entire section of their menu dedicated to the soup, it probably isn’t such a bad thing.

Last time we visited we ordered two menu extremes flavour wise in the form of the Pho dac biet ($17) - which came with homemade delicious Wagyu beef meatballs, thinly sliced black Angus beef, braised brisket made from torched beef short rib, and fresh rice noodles in beef broth - and vegan pho ($19) a healthy mix of fresh noodles, shitake, cauliflower, broccoli and tofu in a rich vegetable stock.

You’ve probably guessed we’re fans of Hello Auntie! Fun, tasty, not too expensive and a real food adventure, we can't recommend it enough 
but don’t take our word for it, why not try it out yourself!