Why buy in Winter?

benefits of buying in the cooler months

by Domain Property Agents, May 24, 2017


While spring traditionally marks the high point in the real estate cycle, making the decision to buy in winter can come with its own hidden benefits.

 During the cooler months, potential buyers and renters can make a strategic decision to view properties when competition is low and mother nature is at her most vexing.  


“One of the benefits of buying a home in the winter months is you are generally seeing it at its coldest and most unflattering time of the year,” director of buyer’s agency EPS Property Search Patrick Bright says.

Wet drizzly days can put pressure on houses, making it easy for potential buyers to pick up on potential mold, damp, or ventelation concerns - all important issues for people living in Sydney where natural light is a major concern for buyers.  


Another potential plus for those looking to buy or rent is the fact that there is less competition for properties in winter.


A more relaxed real estate market can also make it easier for buyers to pick up a bargain, putting properties that may have otherwise been out of reach firmly within their grasp.


Renters who are changing jobs or cities can also find that setting up home during winter puts them at an advantage, with listings available in competitive postcodes.


No #fomo.

One of the main reasons to buy in winter may have little to do with the weather after all, with some researchers suggesting that by taking away some of the pressure to buy that can come with Spring auctions, you won’t be influenced by the fear of missing out, which means you will be able to negotiate a better deal overall.