HOMEOWNERS have a spring in their step

Why October is a great time to sell

by Aimee McBride, October 6, 2016



The warmer weather seems to be putting a smile on the face of Sydney homeowners, with many of them benefitting from the state’s relatively high auction clearance rates. According to figures from the latest CoreLogic RPA data report, 79% of homes were sold at auction over the course of the weekend (October 6, 2016).


Of the 639 homes scheduled for auction last weekend, 89 were sold before even going under the hammer. And a further 342 homes were sold at auction and five sold after auction, making it a successful weekend for many of the state’s homeowners.


“Spring is often a really good time to sell,” said Ross Mournehis, Principal at Domain Property Agents.


“Typically you’ll see listings go up during spring. It’s almost as if the warmer weather draws potential buyers out of their winter hibernation, which means you naturally end up with more people registering to attend auctions.”


In addition to sunny weekends, Sydney’s competitive real estate market means that homeowners are often in a better position to negotiate favourable selling conditions.


If you own a home and are looking to sell, you can contact Domain Property Agents for a free property assessment.


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