by Domain Property Agents, March 15, 2017



One suburb that seems to be constantly on the rise is Marrickville. Located in the multicultural hub of Sydney’s Inner West, the increasingly popular suburb is home to a growing number of families, professionals, and students.

So what is it people like about Marrickville? Well known for its lifestyle - if you’re looking to eat out, listen to live music, socialise with friends, Marrickville has something for you - it also has the advantage of good public transport and open green spaces. Add to that a mix of old and new housing options, great coffee and an arty atmosphere and you have a suburb that's thriving. 


Marrickville Suburb Review

Population: 24,613 (‎2011 census‎)

Location‎: ‎7 km (4 mi) south-west of ‎Sydney CBD

Postcode‎: ‎2204



Houses in Marrickville range in price from $1.1 million to $1.7 million, however, the median price for a three-bedroom home is $1.3 million, while the average unit sale price is $680,000.



Rent in Marrickville varies depending on the size and location of the property. A 2 bedroom house averages $650 p/w, but a unit with the same number of rooms is slightly less at $500 p/w.