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cheaper isn't always better

by Domain Property Agents, May 24, 2017



Homebuyers are being warned that cheaper may not always be better when it comes to property agents, according to Real Estate Institute New South Wales (REINSW).

Commenting on a trend toward low-cost agents, the REINSW warned that comparing agents on service costs alone will not lead to an improved sales outcome.  

“Selling your property is one of the biggest and most important decisions you will ever make.

“Your primary desire is to maximise the sale price of your asset. Selecting an agent who distinguishes themselves in the market on service costs is unlikely to achieve that,” Tim McKibbin, REINSW CEO, said.

 So what criteria should you use when selecting an agent? Online reviews and referral ratings can point you in the right direction.

 However according to McKibbin there is no one-size fits all approach - and selling your most important asset isn’t a decision to take lightly.

 His tip for those wanting to maximise their selling potential the simple advice to choose quality.

“Select the best agent, not the cheapest,” McKibbin advised. “Your greatest asset requires presentation, marketing, pricing and negotiation strategies carried out by a trusted professional advisor who will not only offer you value, but will become invaluable in your real estate journey.”